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Death Star Shit Magnets and Drooling Drama Queens.

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You know when you see something like this that it becomes clear that they actually are trying to kill us, if we are stupid enough to drink their Evil Ice Queen Death Potions. It also becomes clear that Monsanto really is My Satan; not actually 'my Satan' but Satanic fer sure.

The Crass Media says that Death Star Shit Magnet, Hillary Clinton is ahead in the polls by a few points but... when you go to right wing alternative news sites like What Really Happens in Our Heads, you find that Trump is ahead by a few points. Meanwhile, based on the drooling drama queen imprecations of the same Hillary, Russia is hacking the election machines and trying to control the election outcome this November. The thing is, we have plenty of cabals trying to hack the election right here in the good old USA and they have been at it for decades. They kill without conscience. They steal with impunity. They exercise every evil possibility and their only imperative is that somebody must get hurt.

I am daily stunned at the way the planet lumbers and careens like a drunken clown, through its erratic course of rotation and never seems to run into anything and keeps coming back for more of whatever it had last time; probably a cocktail of Winner's Cup Vodka (five dollars a fifth) with a Drano chaser. Or it might be some kind of a Boilermaker where you drop a shot of Clorox into a can of Pabst 'no ribbon' beer. Every day I get up and ask myself, “Is this the day when the world flies off of its invisible hinges?” “Is this the day that puts paid to every other day in this long time, free range, stupid chicken dance, where the music sounds like the gear shift on a blown manual transmission?” Reverse has been gone for some time. We'll see...

It really is an amazing thing... wave after wave of bullshit a hundred feet high keeps rolling in on the following wind. Some gigantic hand is grabbing the seams of the fault lines and twisting the strata beneath our feet; twisting and shaking it like popcorn in a paper bags. Remember to add the Brewer's Yeast and Tamari to the bag before you start shaking it. This way you can comfort yourself with a decent snack as you watch the wildfires through your picture window.

Visible is reading the second book of the Aghora Trilogy; “Kundalini”. Three weeks in and I am most of the way through. Usually I can finish a book in a day, not this one. If you are serious about spirituality, this book is singular and remarkable. The most mind-blowing feature is that over a dozen times, Vimalananda will say something and it will be near word for word what you have read in these blog postings. I don't know what to make of this. I have only had the book in house for about a month. I've seen similarities here and there in different works. The truth being the same but expressed in myriad forms and absolute truth being formless, you expect to run across things you have thought about or said before but this is far past any of that. At the same time, the book is disheartening because there is such a welter of information and the complexity is astonishing. I have learned things and gone deeper in my understanding of them than ever before. Tantra is notoriously intricate and there are fewer masters in this art than in any art whatsoever. He goes on about Bhakti and Jnana Yoga and recommends Bhakti above them all, as do I. I am no master of the caliber of Vimalananda and that is made clear to me through the book. The level and depth of his knowledge and awareness is off the charts. I do not recommend this book for anyone but serious students. You have to be fully committed to finish it.

These times have been pretty rough for me. I have no knowledge of why that is but Love and the Lord, who are synonymous, will find a way out of the brambles and the underbrush. Vimalananda goes to great length to explain this and other details. I've never come across a teacher like this man. It is punishing to try to find your way through the Byzantine labyrinth of his mind. One cannot fail to be humbled by reading this book, unless one has no humility.

I have come to understand a great many things that I should have understood at earlier times. They were right in front of me and I got them intellectually but not viscerally. I also now know that you cannot know anything until you are meant to know it. We are simply a handful of grapes that are in an ongoing squeeze with the purpose of creating a particular and singular wine for the pleasure of whatever God is meant to drink it. We are cultivated and grown across the distance of lifetimes to a specific end. For some it might require a greater length of time than the human imagination can comprehend. For others, “success is speedy for the energetic.”

“Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” That phrase has come into my thoughts for decades now. I'd take it down from the shelf, study it for a bit and then put it back. It didn't ring with the authority it now rings with. They really don't know what they do. They are frozen in a stoned silence of dream intoxication. The real is not present. The unreal is ubiquitous. A movie is in progress and millions, billions of roles are playing out like snowflakes falling, each one of them is unique unto itself and each one is deeper or less deep in the controlling atmosphere of the dream... the movie.

Many are dreaming that they are soldiers; doctors, lawyers, convicts, homeless refugees from a world that wants no part of them. It's right there, center stage in life and the stage is everywhere. It's all some form of act. We are the actors in the confinement of the separated personality and behind this is the illuminated self that is everything all at once and which is asleep within the dream state of the individualized personalities that come and go... on and on like waves upon the sea. The waves are a temporary permutation of the sea. Identification as a wave is a reflection of the mind in its mortality and identification with the sea is a reflection of the immortal mind in its enduring permanence.

This is all that there is to figure out and the result is dependent on who or what you are dependent on. All the many intricacies of Vimalananda's teachings are relevant to the areas where they apply and no doubt much value can be taken from them. For me, all of this complexity is extraneous. There is only 'the self' eternal and 'the self' mortal and the possibility that one can discard the mortal self and embrace the immortal, or forget the one while they fall asleep in the other. Our lives are simply external productions of internal inclinations that work out the drives of appetites and desires, over and over and over and over again.

My friends, I must apologize to those of you who appreciate my more worldly commentaries and sardonic perspectives. I don't much like talking about the world anymore. Something has been changing inside me over recent times and perhaps even more long term and I feel like talking about the world now, unless it relates to spiritual things, doesn't contain the right nutrition (grin). I'll keep the different blogs going as I find the right proportions of copy that will allow me to stay true to the original intent of each blog, where possible.

That said, I would like to close out now with a small discussion about the works of Omraam Mikhail Aivanhov. He was a member of the esoteric Bulgarian Brotherhood. His mentor (teacher) was Peter Deunov. He didn't write any books himself but his work was recorded by his followers. Since he has passed, many books based on his lectures have been published. He is one of the clearest and most profound teachers I have ever encountered. He lived in the South of France during the Second World War and seemingly with no trouble whatsoever. I have presently been reading, “The Yoga of Nutrition”, “The Book of Divine Magic” and “The Beautiful Story of a Master.” It is the first one I want to recommend today. If you would like to dramatically change your life, acquire and read this book. Follow the ideas given you there. You will be immensely pleased at what happens when you do. Furthermore, you will immediately get the implications of what the book presents before you even perform any of what is described in it.

We cannot progress unless we move inward and upward toward the supreme objective of existence. Everything else, except for service is a waste of time. The divine is alive. He, She, It is a living presence. Coming into the possession of the divine will fill us with life abundant. Few people realize the level of vitality that it is possible to arrive at.



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