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The Trumpster Jumps out of the Dumpster to be Commander in Chief.

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Wow! Just... Wow! . Here's an interesting consideration. I had been going around the last several days, saying to my friends, that Trump was going to win. It was just a feeling, but it was a strong one. Then last night came and I didn't think Trump was going to win at all. What I began to feel during the election coverage was that the puppetmasters had switched sides. There was no visible, monumental election fraud, like we saw in 2000. There were some strange isolated examples of legerdemain, like some unknown voting in someone else's name before they got there but... otherwise nothing and no outrage or threat from the Dems about this sort of thing or insistence on recounts. That there was no chicanery of this sort is what is very, very unusual. It is as if they knew that Trump had it in the bag and let it follow in its course.

I don't want to rain on anyone's happiness about what happened ...and Pollyanna is dancing in the new meadow of possibilities... brilliant, dew kissed, green grass ...fruit trees in bloom with the promise of fruit to come. It is a consummation that most of us most definitely would like to see come about.

That Trump could have said the inexplicable things that he said and that the airwaves could be inundated with the virulent attack ads that scrolled endlessly across the screen, with Trump, in his own words, saying what he said and... he still got elected? It is testimony to the general disgust and hatred that a greater portion of the voting public felt toward Hillary or... it was something else.

“Strange days have found us.”

I was glad that Hillary went down. Even if there is no real hope, as far as reality goes, for the future that will only find us where it always does, in the present and colored and shaped as it always is... by the past; it is very very good that Hillary is not going to get sworn in come January 20 or whenever it is. It is especially good for the Supreme Court because of the way Hillary's court would further seek to twist human sexuality beyond recognition. Presently, these nine vultures are a study in advanced depravity. It can always get worse. Of course they are Noahide junkies as well.

The true reality of our situation is that those who have the gold make the rules. The greater reality is that the ineffable is the one pulling the strings and leading people in the directions they insist on going in for the purpose of enduring examples of what is not the direction to be going in. This is a dream and the dream has a choreographer. Certainly one of the forces that set the GPS coordinates is our desires. We are all led ...and/or frustrated... through the fulfillment of our desires and thereby taught the value and meaning of our desires. This is the essence of existence, the lessons learned, via the experiences we are put through, based on the desires that drive us. Ultimately there is only one valid and meaningful desire and that is to be reunited with our true self; the god self that seeks us all through the experiences we pass through. When we begin to seek this self it exponentially increases the speed of reunion. At this point it is all regulated through sincerity and determination, as well as certitude and these loop around, creating and turning into one another as needed.

One might think of the truly desirable and eternal qualities of the ineffable as like poles that magnetize each other and then produce another pole that generates another pole and so on and so on, until you have a vibrating schematic in which these archetypes play off of one another and become the environment in which awareness moves toward that indescribable totality that we are able to come into possession of should we be driven to this to the exclusion of all other motivations.

A goodly portion of the things said by Trump are incredibly over the top. Some of it seems to be an expression of comedic satire, as if he were blowing himself out of all proportion and yet... people seemed either to miss it entirely or to dismiss it. It could be that the public is catching up to what lying swine the crass media is.

Once again I have to fall back on the understanding that the ineffable is in complete control of everything, either through permission given or impulse generated; desire is the agent of god's will. People have a certain idea of what is good and evil, without knowing that these do not even exist except in a relative sense and they are in a state of flux at all times. This is why we have the concepts of God and the Devil. These are perceptions that people have according to their ideas of good and evil. They believe there are two antagonist forces but there is only one force that has many applications and the positive or negative impact of them is determined by the perspective and intention of the person who imagines they are wielding them.

There are many stages of awareness and your stage of awareness is based in the quality of your desires and the amount of them. It is best to weave all of your desires together because all of the objects of your desires which appear to all be something different from the rest are all based on the desire for completion; regardless of what you may think it is, it is about completion and the hope that the experience or acquisition of it will bring you peace. That is what sex is about, unfortunately sex and everything else is only temporary. Sex, in a way is seeking after death. That is why the French call the orgasm- le petit morte. So, really, the whole thing is about what direction you point your sexual force in. Is it down and out or in and up? Will you wind up down and out or will you find your way in and up? It's a personal thing.

Men and women in search of sensation are burned up in it. That fire will consume you and it does consume most. The problem is not that you will not get what you want. You will get what you want at some point but... will you still want it after you get it? The soul. Your real being, cannot be satisfied with anything but reunion with its source and however many disappointing and agonizingly painful lives you may have to experience before you discover the truth of this is what it is. That is how it is. We must all come to terms with this and we will come to terms with it sooner or later. Later, to me, does not seem like the best option.

Is the best option for America and the world Donald Trump? This is not my concern. I did not promote or support him and I did not oppose him either. I don't know him well enough to have a formed opinion. I've seen a few things and having lived in New York I have been familiar with Trump for a long time. To me he was one of those mega business men with a massive ego. This is certainly how he presented himself. I knew that he loved the company of women. He bought the Miss America pageant and used to have the contestants to his compound at Mar a Lago for dinner. I don't find women of that type to be attractive according to my tastes but... to each their own. I'm passing no judgment on these women. It is just that their personalities and life goals are at a great variance from my own.

I don't think Donald and I would have a great deal in common but that makes neither of us wrong or right. For all I know he might accomplish some good and useful things. His reign has not even begun yet. Time will tell and we shall see. I do presume that under no circumstances would he be worse than Hillary. I know that a good portion of the country is relieved that he won and all the celebrities and gender neutral bathroom Nazis, social justice warriors and strange creatures from another dimension are not pleased and that pleases me. I suspect that all this gender bending madness is going to move into slow motion. That is a very, very good thing.

I believe that the Tranny bathroom issue and the brain washing of elementary school children about alternative sexual mores and the fascist aggressions of these sexual provocateurs has simply pissed off a large percentage of the American public. The endless wars and the bizarre security nightmares created by Michael Chertoff and his Israeli henchmen who did 9/11 has also pissed off a lot of people. Maybe they hope Trump will change the way things are. I hope he does.

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