Saturday, November 19, 2016

To Sip a Glass of Cheval Blanc at the Burj Kalifa.

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I'm sipping a glass of Cheval Blanc at the Burj Khalifa; supposed to be meeting with Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in an hour or so here, unless I haven't finished this posting and in that case he will have to wait. I expect he'll come waltzing in wearing a dishdasha. Later on we're going to have a picnic in the desert. There's no word on whether any Shamals are in the area. Then it will be dinner at that underwater hotel in the Persian Gulf. They're building an indoor city here that will contain replicas of New York City, London and Paris. Five hundred new skyscrapers are under construction and the Dubai airport has recently passed Heathrow as the busiest airport on the planet. They've been industriously building custom made islands out in the gulf; space is at a premium here.

Steve Bannon looks like the reincarnation of one of those personality types from the American Revolution, phrenologically speaking. Reincarnation is a big player in the dramas of the moment on the big stage. The big stage is whatever the backdrop may be when the cross-eyed media turns its attention that way and it is populated by a bunch of well dressed zombies with grave dust in their hair, so as to give them that distinguished look and an air of gravitas, while they are selling their asses for whatever the market will bear; John King? Wolf Blitzer the white septic telephone.

Steve Bannon doesn't like neo-cons and that will render anyone holding that perspective an anti-Semitic, even though Khazars and AshkeNAZIS are not Semitic. Word has it that the neo-cons are being given their marching orders and that means some kind of a Khazar exodus. You will remember that the formerly oft noted Paul Wolfowitz stated that the word Neo-con was anti-Semitic. That's a dead giveaway of something.

Suffice to say that- at the moment- there is going to be a purge; a Saturday Night Massacre of dual national, domestic traitor types who will not be identified by type or species, due to the uproar that will ensue in the Tribe owned mass media, which was set up for that purpose a long time ago. The same applies to publishing, so that the historical record can be improvised at will and concerning the moment to moment false appearances of life going by in the present, well... that's what the entertainment business is for.

My secretary just slithered in to let me know that Maktoum is waiting. He's early and I'm busy so... later for that. I'm a seasoned diplomat, as a result... No worries. I know better than to send him a bottle of the Cheval Blanc. Elon Musk; heir to 'the' Alberta musk oil fortune sent me a case last week and I'm about halfway through it at this point. Anyway...

I'm having a brain freeze at the moment from hearing names like John Bolton, Rudolph Giuliani and that guy with the square head. I can't remember his name right off. None of them are Khazars but they are all neo-cons, I think. So... yeah, I'm confused. I'll bet they are even more confused over at Foggy Bottom, where the ratio of neo-con to Genitalia has got to be even, if not two to one. It's going to be non stop Hava La Gila Monster over there shortly, I suspect.

It should come as no surprise to anyone but those who happen to be surprised that the worm is about to turn and that means Nutjob City is going to go up overnight, in a kind of Levittown -just add water- way. Surely you know that the degree of mental illness in the general population has been increasing at an alarming rate over recent years and that is due to the impact of materialism on the mind of the populace. The greater the pressure of materialism, the more pervasive the spread of insanity. Up to the present there has only been sporadic outbursts of insanity and a good number of those have been fabricated, orchestrated or didn't even happen, like the Sandy Hook shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing. Some have been individual acts of madness (Tavistock-MKUltra) like Virginia Tech and other venues of violence. Some are mass engagements like those of the Furries and flash mobbing crowd assaults. All of them are expressions of false or fantasized selves, acting out under the force of materialism. Most of them have their rise through sexual pathologies. Here is a classic example and you will note the mention of Tavistock in the article. Most of you should know what Tavistock is. It is to be expected that more and more, these phenomena are going to be taking a decidedly aggressive tone. The latest national expression has been the outbreak of Hillarititis. Examples of this are taking place across the country, thanks to the largesse of George Soros.

Manikin challenge has evolved out of planking. So this is what has happened culturally. We've gone from 'planking', laying stretched out and stilled in a completely submissive posture to 'manikin challenge' where you stand still in a frozen posture. What happens when you go to a search engine to find out about it is... it brings up this choice, repeated over and over with almost no other options (I couldn't find any), and the arriving search results are, “The Manikin Challenge the latest fad to fill up your social...” and every page you hit brings you this. Hmmm???

Trump is going after the Fed. What happened to the last people that went in that direction? It was probably something along these lines. Somebody doesn't want particular subjects looked into. I listened to Fox financial news for an hour this morning. Trump is really zoning in on solutions. No wonder he got elected. Time will tell and we shall see.

“Lord Visible, Mr Maktoum is getting very upset about sitting in the waiting room.” “Right Cherry, we've all got to wait somewhere, sometime.” “Lord Visible, yes... but he's the ruler of Dubai.” “Baby, it will be okay, trust me. Now come over here and give me some sugar (sound of lips bussing a cheek).” “Lord Visible, I don't know if this kind of thing is appropriate.” “Don't worry about it darling, it worked out for Trump.” “Didn't they just make all of that up?” “Sweetheart, they make everything up.”

You got to laugh... or maybe cry? I think it works best if you do them together. I am not unfamiliar with this format. In ancient Greece there was a time when philosophers would walk on opposite sides of a river at the same time (there were a lot of philosophers running around). One of them would be laughing at the follies of the world and the other would be weeping; true story. Before we make anything out of the world, we have to make something of our self. How is that going to work when we don't know what we should be to make the world harmonize around us? Simple, really... invoke into your being that to which the world automatically harmonizes itself, since that invokee is in natural accord with everything and that which is unnatural is transformed by it automatically in every case. Presto Profundo!!! This should be as clear and productive of Certitude as anything could be if... it happens to be true. It is true. Step out into the night and observe the shining bodies in space, moving in symmetry through their courses. Go and do likewise. If you want to argue about it, argue with yourself; as if that isn't already happening. Yeah but... Yeah but... Yeah but... Stick around, someone will show up to argue with you.

It's how the world works and the world doesn't change. The only thing that changes is how the world presents itself. It's job is always to come around with a new expression of the same old same old to distract you. The thing behind the machinations of the world never changes period, while the world only seems to. Invest yourself in the changeless eternal and it will invest itself in you. Now watch what your mind does when you think about this. Right! The mind looks to find a way around it because the mind, thinking itself in control, convinces you that it is. The mind doing its own thing is your worst enemy. The mind under your control is your best friend. Solve this obvious and transparent problem and you won't have any problems that don't solve themselves. A mind under control is in submission to that which shines the light of realization upon it. A mind under its own control reflects the darkness of its own ignorance and the world around you reflects the latter, as you can see walking through it; or not see, should you be in the same condition. Conversely, you can shine your reflected light into the darkness that surrounds you and make a difference ...instead of being one more example of the utterly forgettable.

Want to heal the world? Heal yourself... uh oh... you can either figure that out or have it figured out for you and there are two basic locations where you get some version of it. We're all commissioned (inescapably) to discovering what that might be. Well?

Now I got to go deal with Mr. Maktoum. He wants to finance my idea of drilling a hole all the way through the Earth and piping sunlight to the other side. This seems a little more viable than towing icebergs to the Middle East. At least that is what our technical people are saying. “Cherry, send him in.” “Yes Lord Visible.” “and knock off the Lord Visible, visible is fine.” Okay, ...visible.”

“Ah Mohammed, please... have a seat.”

End Transmission.......

There will be a radio broadcast at this location on Sunday evening.

I'm going now right to the reading of the second part of Chapter 9 of The Way to the Kingdom and then on to The Kybalion.



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